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Are you looking to make a change? Nutrition by Elisheva is here to set you on the path to good health and help you reach your dietary goals today.

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Your Health Matters

Elisheva Schwartz is a certified nutritionist who is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Committed to forming positive relationships to food and weight loss, she is there to guide and support healthy lifestyles. Elisheva's clients can expect an individually tailored, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow weight loss plan that is realistic to maintain for life. Her practice is based in Lakewood New Jersey, and she also offers a zoom option for far distanced clients. 

Elisheva's diet plan is based on the health approach of the Rambam, who not only teaches about food and nutrition, but teaches about a healthy lifestyle as well. This plan works well because it is is easy to implement, maintain, and is effective at yielding results. 

With her patience and positive energy, Elisheva's clients are empowered to make positive lifestyle changes. 

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Weight Loss

Healthy Eating

Individualized counseling sessions

Reach health goals


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