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A brief history about the Rambam

The Rambam, also known as Maimonides, was born in Cordoba Spain in 1135. His name was Moshe Ben Maimon and his family roots can be traced all the way back to Dovid Hamelech. The Rambam lived with his family in Cordoba Spain under Muslim rule until they had to eventually flee when the Jews started to be persecuted if they didn't convert to Islam. They traveled to a few places until finally settling in Fustat, which is known as Cairo today. The Rambam was able to focus on torah learning while being supported by his brother Dovid, until Dovid's ship one day sunk and he drowned. To be able to support his family along with Dovid's, the Rambam started practicing medicine and became extremely knowledgeable in not only medicine, but in mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy as well, and became known as one of the greatest Jewish philosophers of the middle ages. The Rambam was also one of the greatest physicians of his time and was even appointed as a personal physician to Saladin- the sultan of Egypt and Syria.

''from Moshe to Moshe there arose none like Moshe''

The Rambam wrote many medical and halachic books, his most famous one being the Mishnah Torah which is still widely learned from today. The Rambam guided and helped many people in his life until he passed away in 1204. The Rambam was so great that the sefarim say about him "from Moshe to Moshe there arose none like Moshe."


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